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  • Provide info, services and consultations related to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.
  • Carry out external energy audits and investigations.
  • Develop energy efficiency projects for SMEs and NGOs and related technical documentation.
  • Support transfer of energy efficiency technologies and know-how.
  • Encourage and support SMEs and NGOs to find European sources of funding and co-finding of there energy efficiency projects as well as other national and foreign programmes, funds and institutions.
  • Training and seminars on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.


Create and upgrade data base for:
  • Laws, directives, regulations and other energy issues.
  • EE and RES consultants and advisors.
  • Sources of funding of energy efficiency projects.
  • Energy, transport and environment indicators.

The Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Stara Zagora is founded in response of increasing needs of information and consultations in the field of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES) for the SMEs and NGOs.


The main goal of the EEC:
  • Help SMEs and NGOs in the region to improve there energy efficiency and competitiveness
  • Help SMEs and NGOs to apply better criteria, standards and good practices related to energy efficiency.


Energy Globe Award 2006
Intelligent Energy Europe
6th and 7th Framework Programmes
National Energy Efficiency Programmes.


In the Chambers’ Manifesto (October 2006) the Centre is pointed out as a “good practice” in the Eastern Europe. The centre functions as a ‘one-stop-shop’ assisting the transfer of technology, knowledge and experience as well as helping firms apply for co-financing for energy efficiency projects from EU programmes and (inter)national programmes. It also organises training courses and seminars on energy efficiency topics

The activities of the EEC are carried out by the united and coordinated efforts of:
  • Experts;
  • Institutions and organizations;
  • Companies and consultants.


Energy Efficiency Agency.
The Austrian Energy Efficiency Agency.
The National Municipalities’ Organization EnEffect
ISD Bulgaria Ltd.
Geopower Ltd.
Energoconsult Ltd.
Center for Testing & European Certification.
The Technical University of Sofia
The Trakia University of Stara Zagora
GiS Foundation – innovation transfer center
The network of the Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce & Industry
Other institutions specialized in EE & RES, and companies working in this field

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