ECREINetwork, Stara Zagora Region, Bulgaria

Objectives of the project

Saving natural resources, fighting pollution and climate change are part of the major challenges of our time. Their consequences are far reaching and affect citizens worldwide. The transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy has to be done, and eco-innovation could be the basis of such a shift and is mainly supported through ETAP (environmental technologies action plan) by the European Commission.

The main objective of ECREIN+ is to know how to develop effective regional policies to support eco-innovation and eco-businesses. Thanks to the former ECREIN project, the partners have already identified some critical points (which will be developed through 3 work groups in Component 3, see chapter 3.3.):

1.    Improve knowledge of the market to know Who we are working with?

2.    Study regional policies and tools to support eco-innovation to know how are we working with them?

3.    Study the assessment of the eco-innovation instruments to know how effective are the instruments?

The sub-objectives are:

  •     Improve knowledge of a very important sector, still insufficiently known: the environmental goods and services sector
  •     Exchanging experiences with different European partners to learn from this benchmarking the best practices in regional policies to support eco-innovation.
  •     Creating a set of indicators to assess the real impact of the eco-innovation support instruments implemented by Regions.

ECREIN+ project also intends to study in greater details the impact of regional policies themselves and not only financial instruments only as it was the case for original ECREIN project.

Moreover, one of the objectives of the project is to expand the range of thoughts, which will be achieved thanks to the arrival of 7 new partners in the network and particularly with regions from New Member States (Bulgaria and Romania) or from new countries (United-Kingdom, Belgium and Sweden).

For the 13 partners, cooperation projects like Interreg IVC are the opportunity to exchange experience, good practices and advice to improve and reinforce their own policies but also to produce valuable outputs for all European people.




Ecrein 2010